Poland study tour

Exploration of Poland continues…

Saturday saw the team sightseeing and visiting some of Poland’s more traditional rivers. The afternoon was spent buying supplies and pouring over final route cards.

Poland expeditionSunday morning was an early start to pack and repack their bags. The Gold Duke of Edinburgh teams enjoyed a gentle walk through the forest before tackling the blue lakes which the Tatra National Park is famous for. The first night was spent in a mountain hut – the boost of morale was free showers.

One of the team James Cooper said he enjoyed exploring a new area, learning a few polish words on the trail and getting to grips with a very complicated menu! He commented that the area looked similar to the Lake District on his training expedition.

The teams gold project is to explore the personal meaning of wilderness. The team are using quotes from John Muir himself. The John Muir quote for the day is ‘in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks’.

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