Neil Roberts, John Platt Travel Scholarship  award winner.

Neil qualifies as Cow Signals trainer thanks to £2,000 scholarship

Read how the John Platt Travel Scholarship help Neil Roberts progress in his career…

Chris Cromar and lamb 1MB

Trying my hand at lambing!

“Hi, I’m Chris Cromar and I’m a Level 2 Diploma in Agriculture student.

I come from an arable farm in Northumberland, and although I’m hoping to stay with cereals, I was really keen to try my hand at lambing.

Here’s what happened during my first experience in the lambing sheds.

I’d only been on duty for half an hour when I delivered my first lamb! It really opened my eyes to a different aspect of farming. Dealing with livestock is something I don’t have much experience in and it was really rewarding knowing that I’d brought a new lamb into the world.”