• Me in the lambing sheds with a little’un!

Hi, I’m Chris Cromar and I’m a Level 2 Diploma in Agriculture student.

I come from an arable farm in Northumberland, and although I’m hoping to stay with cereals, I was really keen to try my hand at lambing.

Here’s what happened during my first experience in the lambing sheds.

I’d only been on duty for half an hour when I delivered my first lamb! It really opened my eyes to a different aspect of farming. Dealing with livestock is something I don’t have much experience in and it was really rewarding knowing that I’d brought a new lamb into the world.

It was the middle one of triplets and although sometimes this can sometimes be a difficult birth for the ewe, this one was quite straightforward. I had Reaseheath’s shepherd Simon Baskerville alongside me so I was quite confident that everything would run smoothly.

  • Me and some of our expectant ewes

As it was so early on in my shift, there was plenty of time left to help at more births, and by the time I got to bed the following morning I’d delivered six lambs! There were six of us making up the student team, and between us all we delivered 22 lambs that night. There were about 180 ewes in the lambing shed, so there was always something to do!

When we weren’t busy lambing, there were plenty of other jobs to keep on top of. We were kept busy feeding the ewes and moving the ewes and lambs into individual pens. We had to check the newly born lambs regularly to make sure they were suckling properly.

We also tagged all the lambs and inputted this data into the college database. This is used by the shepherd so he knows which ewes and her lambs belong to each other.

It’s hungry work and we got a pizza delivery at midnight, which went down well!

It was great experience and I’m looking forward to continuing my lambing adventure.