Over the last few months, Free Voice Zoological Innovation Society created an excellent display all about the damage that plastics can do to all life on our planet.

For those who may not be aware, Freevoice is Reaseheath student society that takes on practical and general projects in around our zoo.

The display aptly named ‘the last straw’ was curated collectively by the Freevoice team, with the aim of highlighting the dangers of the overuse of plastic around the world. It detailed hard facts on the devastating impact plastic has on our environment and offered ideas on what you can do to prevent this continued destruction – including simple tips for reducing daily plastic use.

Over half term hundreds of people viewed the display during their trips around our mini zoo – and I am sure they went home with a totally different view on their daily use of plastics.

Throughout the world, our marine life is in peril on a massive scale and we need to achieve something now by reducing our wasteful use of plastic.

Alan Woodward