Layla Common Marmoset - twins

Reaseheath zoo welcomes baby twins

Layla Common Marmoset - twins

Layla our Common Marmoset and her new twins

Our little pair of Common Marmosets have now multiplied – as ‘Layla’ our female has given birth to twins!  The twins were born on Sunday 30th August and have grown and developed really well.  When they were first born they will have only weighed approximately 20grams!

They are now learning to climb and are venturing of their Mum ‘Layla’ and Dad ‘Cuscos’ back and can be seen tentatively walking along the branches, but are careful not to stray too far.

‘Layla’ and ‘Cusco’ are fantastic first time parents and are very protective of the twins.

Common Marmosets are from North-eastern Brazil and a huge part of their diet is the sap from trees, they use there incredibly sharp teeth to gnaw holes in the trunk of the trees to get to the sap whilst holding on vertically.

Why not pop over to Reaseheath Zoo to see the twins along with the rest of the collection during half term?!

Rebecca MacCreath