Casualities to Cadavers 2016

Casualties to Cadavers

Casualities to Cadavers 2016

We recently  hosted a wildlife workshop “Casualties to Cadavers”  in association with the British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. It was a great day which involved students meeting with industry professionals and learning new skills revolving around animal autopsy. We hope to extend this link in future with similar events being held at the college.

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Lucy Cosgriff

Lecturer and L2 Course Manager in Animal Management

The invertebrate first aid training workshop

Sharing interverbrate first aid best practice

Reaseheath Herpetological and Entomological Society shared their knowledge invertebrates at a recent BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Terrestrial Invertebrate Working Group (TIWG) conference.

Conference delegates have a go at first aid techniques

Conference delegates have a go at first aid techniques

The conference, held at Twycross Zoo over two days (7th-8th December), took place in conjunction with  the Veterinary Invertebrate Society (VIS). The two day event focused on invertebrate health and included a number of presentations and workshops from vets, zoo professionals and our very own RHES members.

Six RHES members were selected by Reaseheath keeper Lauren Lane (A BIAZA TIWG steering committee member) to facilitate an accredited training workshop on invertebrate first aid.

The invertebrate first aid training workshop

The invertebrate first aid training workshop

During the workshop, RHES members joined three other facilitators Lauren Lane, Steve Trim (Venomtech Director) and Tracy Dove (Isle of White Zoo) giving over 40 delegates the opportunity to learn and practise a number of first aid techniques for invertebrate species. The techniques included autotomy, haemolymph loss and ectoparasite removal amongst others.

On evaluation of the conference delegates said that the first aid workshop was the most useful and enjoyable, which was a fantastic outcome.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank RHES for their professionalism and enthusiasm during the conference and to all staff members that lent items for the workshop.

Lauren Lane

Lower Vertebrate and Invertebrate keeper/instructor

marine mammal

Marine mammal training workshop

On the 10th – 13th of November 2015, four animal management students attended the joint International Marine Animal Training Association and European Association of Aquatic Mammals workshop, held at Zoomarine, Italy.

Beth Goddard and Amy Clyne, both studying Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management were joined by degree students James Doodson and Matt Brown taking part in the international event.

The trip was mentioned to students interested in sealions and dolphin training by lecturer/course manager Rachel Rodgers who was presenting a talk on training the next generation of animal trainers at the event.

The students attended presentations by animal trainers and vets from all over Europe on topics such as “expanding marine mammal training and enrichment programs” by Sabrina Brando from Animal Concepts, “training with crocodiles” by Florian Ploetz from Tierpark Hagenbeck Hamburg, and “medical vs mental” by Cynthia Henderson.

Alongside talks, the students attended practical demonstrations of marine mammal training, such as pinniped displays and training sessions demonstrating artificial insemination procedures in bottle nose dolphins.

A great time was had by all, particularly at the gala meal on the Wednesday evening which allowed students to mix with industry specialists and secure work experience placements with marine mammal parks across Europe.

Animal management students joined by Rachel Rodgers at Zoomarine

Animal management students joined by Rachel Rodgers at Zoomarine