Tony with his second book #Resistance

Creative writing workshop

Tony Baldwinson from RADA (Reaseheath Agricultural Development Academy) has just written and published his second novel and is keen to encourage any other interested staff and students to pursue their own Creative Writing.

Tony with his second book #Resistance

Tony with his second book #Resistance

With this in mind, Tony’s decided to run a lunchtime talk on with a Q&A on Tuesday 4th April, 12.30pm, in Tecc Bacc B4, to explore creative writing techniques and look at publishing on a budget.

Tony’s second book #Resistance is a crime thriller set in London, Brazil, Canada and the USA. His protagonist is Maria Kaminski, a feisty young woman with attitude. Through her perspective the book explores organised crime, climate change and businesses in Russia and America. His first book, also starring Maria, had 4-star reviews on Amazon and was said by readers to be “a page-turner.”

Tony writes under the pseudonym or ‘pen name’ of Jack Duffy in honour of his grandfather. Jack was a school caretaker who in childhood had to refuse a scholarship for secondary school fees because his family was too poor to pay the daily rail travel from Oswaldtwistle.

Tony was very pleased that the printed books safely arrived at the college reception desk in time to get a copy to his mother for Mother’s Day. Like his first novel, he has donated a copy to the fiction shelves in the College Library.

“Everyone has a story to tell,” said Tony, “and it is far easier than you might think to see your own words in print. Perhaps my most pleasing work was a small book on our family history, printed as a Christmas present for all my relations. In their own small way they went wild with it on Facebook.”

 Creative Writing and Publishing workshop

Tuesday 4 April, 12.30pm – 1.30pm, B7 in Tecc Hub

All welcome, staff and students.

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