Welcome from your Student President

Welcome to Reaseheath, I hope over the last 4 weeks you have all settled in and enjoyed the various activities that have been organised. We have all enjoyed the past few weeks and you have all made it very enjoyable for the freshers crew. Our first week of Freshers saw the return of events such as I Want, scavenger hunts and day rave amongst others. In our first week we also had our first social, Dress as your course! It must be said some of you came up with some unu- sual ideas for your outfits! The second week of Freshers brought you a Disco Dome in the bar, leg waxing for those of you who were brave enough to have your legs or eyebrows waxed! Then came our first freshers ball UV blackout, over 200 of you attended this event and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Our third and fourth weeks of freshers saw the return of the Pub Crawl for the over 18’s and also Foam party. We also had two socials in our 4th and final week, Powder Paint Party for the over 18’s and Studio Nightclub for the Under 18’s! I would like to particularly thank the clean-up crew’s for both Foam Party and Powder Paint Party for all your hard work and also for staying til at least 1am to tidy the bar!

During Freshers we also had 2 Freshers Fairs, we welcomed over 40 stands at each event, many of them bringing free samples which I’m sure you all enjoyed, we also had a Rodeo Bull and Pho- tobooth! It was good to see so many of you have a go on the Rodeo Bull and also to see all of your photos from the Photobooth.

I’m sure you will all join me in saying a massive thank you to your freshers crew this year who have worked tirelessly since the 20th August to firstly ensure everything was ready for when you moved in and also for preparing all of the events that you have enjoyed! Also to the freshers crew who have also worked behind the bar, on the DJ stand, Door for socials and also door knocked each night the help has been very much appreciated. Thank you very much guys!

Every single one of you has the potential for a fantastic year. I’m sure many of you have your own goals for the year too, whether these being just to do your own washing or bigger, I hope that you all achieve these. We are planning a fantastic year for you all to enjoy and get involved with.

Student Association President