BeReady External Speaker Talks for Students

So far this academic year we have had two separate external speakers into the college. The first was the team from Body Positive who visited college in October and November to talk about Sexual Health Awareness. The speakers used presentations, props, social media and discussion as tools to engage and include students in the sessions.

The second speaker was Amy Fletcher who is a Police Liaison Officer from Cheshire Police who visited in November and December to discuss Drug & Alcohol Awareness. Again she used a variety of tools to connect with our students including different drugs available on the street and alcohol examples whilst delivering a clear message and offering support.

Wellbeing Officer, Lisa Harris says “the talks have been really successful and we have had lots of positive feedback from both students and staff. The talks are a really important way to bring students face to face with the experts from a variety of organisations, charities, support groups etc giving them a different perspective on these, sometimes difficult to discuss, subjects.”

The sessions have been filmed and will be uploaded onto Moodle so those who were unable to attend will be able to catch up in their course groups.

See which students that have attended the talks, broken down by curriculum area and by L2/L3: