Reaseheath Family Tree 1MB

We are family!

Reaseheath Family Tree 1MB

You may have noticed a new feature tree in our main reception – Chaplain Drew Walker explains more.

“The Reaseheath Family Tree idea was based around the “We are Reaseheath” theme for the Family Festival. I used it to show that as a college we, are one big family.  The idea was loosely based on connecting together the different departments we have in college. I asked Andy Gould from the construction department if he could provide the plywood as the back drop and got some students involved with painting it.

“I then asked Jamie Cook (from the countryside department) if he could help create a stand or ‘trunk’ of tree – again with the idea of involving students in the construction. With a little help from one countryside student, a log was cut for the base of the tree and ‘slot’ was placed in to top to rest the plywood backdrop.

“To complete the tree –  I asked lots of staff, students to draw outlines of their hands on coloured paper to create the ‘leaves’ on tree and during Family Festival I asked lots of potential students and their parents to do the same.”

I hope you agree that the tree is a big success and a high impact visual aid.