Sainsbury’s Impressed by Food Centre Expertise and Facilities

Issue 3 Sainsburys visit

On 10th April 2014 we were delighted to welcome Sainsbury’s Heads of Agriculture and Dairy to the College.

Sue Lockhart, Head of Agriculture and Yvette Sowerby, Head of Dairy, provided staff with an overview of Sainsbury’s business vision and values and proceeded to spent the rest of the day learning more about Reaseheath’s expertise in food production: from farm to fork.  The pair were taken full tours of the farm and the food department and were given an overview of the Reaseheath Food Futures project (National Centre for Sustainable Primary Food Production).

Sue and Yvette were were particularly impressed with the College’s existing industry links and the structure of our courses that prepare students very well for employment upon graduation.

Going forward, Reaseheath College hopes to build a strong partnership with Sainsbury’s in areas such as training (for both Sainsbury’s employees and their manufacturing supply base), student placements, research projects and mutually beneficial knowledge transfer.

Katherine Tunnicliffe

Pictured: George Fisher, Iain Clarke, Kevin Campbell from Reaseheath College and Sue Lockhart, Yvette Sowerby from Sainsbury’s

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