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Food department asks students to ‘Be Wise’

Reaseheath Food CentreThis year the food department is piloting a behavioural health and safety programme for students, ‘Be Wise’.  The Be Wise programme has been set up to help students reduce the risk of injury and harm to themselves and others whilst in the workplace.  The programme will be working with students to champion health and safety across the department and help students to identify good behaviour and, more importantly, how to challenge poor behaviour in a positive and constructive manner.

A very important element to the Be Wise programme is the appointment of Student Champions, who will act as both role models and the link between students and staff in control of health and safety proceedings in the food department. We are hoping  to have a Student Champion for each food curriculum area, to share their experience and best practice as they engage with the programme.

The well-being of all those who learn, work, or just simply visit Reaseheath College is important to us all. So much so that we treat health and safety as a ‘core value’. With over 88% of all accidents in the workplace believed to be related to ‘Unsafe Acts’, we believe there needs to be a strong focus on health and safety best practice in the workplace. We hope the Be Wise programme will enable students to share health and safety best practice across the food department and beyond!

For more information on the Be Wise programme, please contact Kevin Campbell:

Kevin Campbell

Processing Halls Manager 

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