James and Rachel Wedding

A thoroughly foodie wedding


We are delighted to announce the food department’s  first wedding – James Yuill and  Rachel Frankish, who tied the knot on November 1st .

James joined Reaseheath in Key Stage Four as a young apprentice and Rachel joined the food technology diploma group a couple of years later.

James and Rachel Wedding

James and Rachel cut their wedding cake – designed by cake decorating expert Sam Copeland

They both enrolled on the Foundation Degree in Food Technology with Management at Reaseheath in September 2010 and  their friendship blossomed into romance in January 2011.

James and Rachel WeddingOn October 13th  2012,  James proposed (on bended knee) in front of family and friends at Rachel’s birthday meal. The tears flowed as much as the wine – especially when she accepted!

The whole department waited with anticipation for the wedding date. But they were just too busy studying and researching!  Their studies came to an end though and they both gained their BSc in Food Technology with Management in September 2013. James started a new position at Carton Lodge Cheese and the couple moved to Clitheroe. Rachel has secured a position at Farmers Fayre.

Wedding plans started with gusto and the couple booked Reaseheath Hall for their ceremony. They said they wouldn’t want to be married anywhere else. It was a gorgeous ceremony for two outstanding people who have made Reaseheath proud. The couples family, friends and Reaseheath lecturers attended and a good time was has by all! (and Sam did the cake!!)

We wish James and Rachel all the very best as they start their married life together.

Sam Copeland

Lecturer and Course Manager, Level 2 Diploma Bakery and Patisserie 

If you’re interested in cake decorating and are impressed by Sam’s cake decorating skills – take a look at our new Professional Cake Decorating course starting in February 2015.

James and Rachel Wedding

James and Rachel Wedding


James and Rachel Wedding




abby brown

Catching up with 2014 graduate Abby Brown

abby brownWith demand for food and drink constantly increasing, Abby knows that she has a guaranteed future ahead of her.

Already in her first post-graduate job in new product development with Halewood International, the UK’s largest independent drinks manufacturer, Abby attributes Reaseheath’s links with industry to her success in getting the post.

Abby Brown joined by Sophie Pegg Doug Powley Susie Madden with the Reaseheath RAG (Raising and Giving) mascot

Abby Brown during her time as a student, joined by Sophie Pegg Doug Powley Susie Madden with the Reaseheath RAG (Raising and Giving) mascot

Part of a team creating innovative alcoholic drinks for the Christmas market, Abby draws on the knowledge she gained during her studies such as food safety, nutrition, marketing and product positioning. She comes up with new recipes, helps to run product tastings and looks at market trends (mulled spices and tropical drinks are popular at the moment).

She believes that her BSc top-up and the Foundation Degree in Food Industry with Management, which she completed beforehand prepared her well for the world of work, particularly a realistic challenge by M&S to create a tempting new deli product. Abby and fellow students had to develop their dishes in line with consumer feedback while keeping a strict eye on profit margins, costings, packaging and labour.

Says Abby: “I find that I look much more critically at the ingredients, processing and value of different products. Food is such a varied industry – and it offers a great career path because everyone needs to eat.”

cinnamon 1mb

A foodie playlist

Here’s playlist put together by BSc (Hons) Food Manufacturing with Operations Management  ‘top up’ student, Lee Taylor – with a bit of a foodie theme:

strawberries 1mb

Fisherman, The Congos

Cinnamon Girl, Neil Young 

Milkshake, Kelis

Incense and Peppermints, The Strawberry Alarm Clock

Creamcheese, Zion Train 

 Abbatoir Blues, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Baby Lemonade, Syd Barrett

Milkcow Calf Blues, Robert Johnson

Hong Kong Garden, Siouxsie & The Banshees 

Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye, Timebox

mini cinnamon

Alan’s Psychedelic breakfast, Pink Floyd

Soup, Can


Why not have a go at creating your own foodie playlist?

Try picking songs with a a festive foodie flavour! Send your best compilations to jaynes@reaseheath.ac.uk and we’ll pick the best one to feature on the Food For Thought blog!

Lee Taylor

BSc (Hons) Food Manufacturing with Operations Management  


UoC 2014 graduation

Food Chain Technology students graduate at Chester Cathedral

UoC 2014 graduation

FdSc in Food Chain Technology graduates Harriet Hughes, AIan Wise, Brendon Heath, Danielle Brown and Rachel Gray.

Four years of hard work have paid off for six industry based students who received their Foundation Degree in Food Chain Technology at the University of Chester’s Graduation.

Held at Chester Cathedral, the graduation ceremony began with a triumphant trumpet fanfare, followed by a procession of members of the University Council,  eminent guests and university staff into the cathedral. The audience was addressed by guest speaker Brian Cosgrove, the man behind classic children’s animations including The BFG and DangerMouse. Brian congratulated graduates on their achievements and thanked the University of his own honorary degree for contributions to the arts.

Danielle Brown UoC graduation 2014 FOOD

Danielle Brown outside Chester Cathedral

Reaseheath graduate Danielle Brown, who works for Goodlife Foods commented:

“When I started as a New Product Development Assistant at Goodlife Foods I told them how keen I was to continue to learn and further my knowledge of the food industry. The foundation degree gave me the opportunity to up-skill and work at the same time. I enjoyed the broad range of modules I studied and met many key industry professionals  along the way.”

Danielle continues to work for Goodlife and has been promoted to a ‘Product Developer’ where she project manages key accounts for two large retailers and a foodservice customer.

All of the graduates combined their studies with full-time employment in the food manufacturing and retail industry.


Seasonal foods in November


At the beginning of November is Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night. Maincrop potatoes are now available and are delicious baked. Why not enjoy a baked potato around the bonfire with some Reaseheath butter…!

Other traditional treats for Bonfire Night include gingerbread men, toffee apples and parkin.

The growing season is now virtually over, so we’re now more reliant on root vegetables and brassicas. Celeriac and squashes are now plentiful, and are great in vegetarian stews.

Have you tried kale, which some say is one of the world’s most nutritious vegetables? Give it try – it tastes sweeter and has more flavour, after being exposed to a frost.

Stuffed breast of lambNovember is a good time of year to buy lamb.  Some people associate lamb with Easter – but that lamb has either been fed lots of  corn (which means it’s tender, but has less taste) or has come from Australasia (high food miles).  The lamb in November has usually been grass fed and as a result has more taste. Many also believe grass-fed lamb is better for you – as studies have shown that meat from grass-fed animals has two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than meat from grain-fed animals.

Stir-up Sunday takes place on the last Sunday before Advent. This is day that Christians traditionally make their Christmas puddings (after having heard a reading in church that begins Stir up, we beseech thee… ).

gingerbread and parkin

Bill Pearson