BBC Radio 2 logo - issue 3

Toni-Anne Harrison is featured on the BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show

BBC Radio 2 logo - issue 3

On March 12th this year I was fortunate (some would say) to be exposed to  a live 3 minute interview with non-other than the God of Radio himself, Mr Chris Evans.

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Primed with information on milk composition, module content and student profile, I was asked nothing of what I had so diligently prepared for the night before; indeed Chris decided to focus his efforts on the assessment methods used in ascertaining students success within the EDEN programme.

Whilst the banter was light hearted, the message is somewhat more serious – EDEN like all of our programmes within the department, is fundamental to ensuring that students entering the food industry are both equipped with the necessary knowledge however also that their practical competence is of a level that shows excellence in learning.

As students you are in a unique position of knowing that the job market which you are entering, post completion of studies, is both buoyant as well as diverse and appealing, growing year on year like no other sector.  My advice to you all, absorb like a sponge – for the cream will always rise to the top in this industry.