Level 3 Food work experience 2014

Level 3 Food Technology students get a taste of the workplace…

Level 3 Food work experience 2014

On the 19th May, Level 3 Food Technology students embarked on their four week work experience placements. Students were placed in a variety of different settings and worked in a range of food related fields.

Here is what some of the students had to say about their experiences:

orient express work experience

The impressive Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Jack: “I spent my work experience placement on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.  This involved delivering 5* standard waiting-on service to all the passengers. I served customers an array of different food courses up and down the length of the moving train and  developed my skills in customer service and broadened my knowledge of a the workings of a prestigious professional business.”

Martyn: “For my work experience placement I worked at Llanllyr Source Water bottling company. This involved working in the production department, packing bottles at the end of the production line along with working in the office writing up policies and procedures. I also developed my skills in customer service, answering phone calls and taking orders.”

Emma: “I did my work experience at Reaseheath College, working with the Technical Manager looking at food quality. I found the experience particularly- providing a real insight into the food industry and helped me decide the specific areas I’d like to work in.”mondelez logo

Belle: “I was at Mondelēz International, a large sweets and chocolate conglomerate, working on products for Cadbury and Milka. The majority of my work was on a secret project ‘Couch’, there was a lot of confidential work involved! I enjoyed the whole experience, it was lovely to hold detailed conversations with important people in the company and it was great to put the information I have learnt at college into a real work situation.”

Harry: “I worked at Palethorpes (Pork Farms ltd.) where I worked in the engineering and building services department. I learnt many useful things such as the function of bearings and AC and DC motors along with the difference between hydraulics and pneumatics and where they are used in the factory. I also learnt how to TIG Weld and how to wire a 240 vault plug. I also participated in a few maintenance tasks. I really enjoy working in engineering and it has made me want to pursue a career in engineering even more than before.

Joe: “I worked at David Williams Cheese, a cheese processing facility. My main role involved grating and blending cheese; I found my experience very beneficial and feel it has prepared me for a career in the dairy industry.”sauce queen

Jess: “I worked at The Sauce Queen, which I really enjoyed. I pretty much did everything in the company, I cooked the sauces, potted the sauces, paperwork such as traceability, internet orders and booking food festivals for the upcoming weeks. I worked at BBC Good Food Show which was an amazing experience; I learnt how to sell the product to the public which is hard work at first. I chose to go to The Sauce Queen as it’s a small company at the moment but growing quickly, I knew that I would learn a lot from it.”

Liam: “I spent my work experience at Primebake. Throughout the four weeks I have broadened my knowledge of mass food production, learning how flatbreads are made on a large scale. The whole process is quite complex and has made me appreciate the skills required for this type of job.”

Grant: “Throughout the past four weeks, I have learnt a lot about the meat industry and butchery – I actually boned out carcasses, offal and guts as well! I learnt about burger and sausage manufacture as well as linking and pressing burgers, ready for the shop. Being at Clewlows has definitely given me a fantastic opportunity to go into the meat and butchery industry and I am thankful for them to have been given this opportunity of work experience with such a great business.”

Rachel: “For my work experience I went to Belton Cheese, a family owned cheese company based near Whitchurch. It was a fantastic experience to work within a food company and become part of the team during my time there. I worked within the laboratory testing cheese and milk on a day-to-day basis. The skills that I gained during the four weeks will come in useful with my chosen career path within the dairy industry.”

muller wiseman logo Sophie: “My work experience was at Müller Wiseman Dairies, Manchester. I spent my time working on  a project focused around Health & Safety and Chemical onsite. I gained an insight into a production environment, seeing the full process of milk production including semi-skimmed, whole milk and organic. I took part in site audits and meetings. The main thing I took part in was COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health) risk assessments and Klenzan chemical training. I feel my work experience has really helped to prepare me for  a life in the dairy industry and further enhanced my desire to work within this field.”


Belle Baldwin, one of the level 3 students who kindly collated all above work experience recollections together commented: “ from my experience and talking to other students, our work experience placements have really broadened our industry related skills, giving us a real feel for the types of roles the food industry has to offer. Quite number of students impressed their respective employers to such an extent that they have been offered further employment  proceeding the four weeks, which is brilliant news all round!

“All students would like to say a huge thank you to the companies who provided us with such great work experience opportunities.”

BBC Radio 2 logo - issue 3

Toni-Anne Harrison is featured on the BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show

BBC Radio 2 logo - issue 3

On March 12th this year I was fortunate (some would say) to be exposed to  a live 3 minute interview with non-other than the God of Radio himself, Mr Chris Evans.

Ton-Anne Harrison_DSC4546-2

Primed with information on milk composition, module content and student profile, I was asked nothing of what I had so diligently prepared for the night before; indeed Chris decided to focus his efforts on the assessment methods used in ascertaining students success within the EDEN programme.

Whilst the banter was light hearted, the message is somewhat more serious – EDEN like all of our programmes within the department, is fundamental to ensuring that students entering the food industry are both equipped with the necessary knowledge however also that their practical competence is of a level that shows excellence in learning.

As students you are in a unique position of knowing that the job market which you are entering, post completion of studies, is both buoyant as well as diverse and appealing, growing year on year like no other sector.  My advice to you all, absorb like a sponge – for the cream will always rise to the top in this industry.