Reaseheath veg

Introduction to Seasonal Foods

Reaseheath veg

There are lots of good reasons why we should eat more local and seasonal food.  The superb Eat the Seasons website gives the following reasons:

  • to reduce the energy (and associated CO2 emissions) needed to grow and transport the food we eat
  • to avoid paying a premium for food that is scarcer or has travelled a long way
  • to support the local economy
  • to reconnect with nature’s cycles and the passing of time

but, most importantly, because…

  • seasonal food is fresher and so tends to be tastier and more nutritious.

It also can make good commercial sense, as there is a growing demand from better educated consumers for seasonal food.

Bill Pearson, who’s a member of our Training Development department, has agreed to write a series of articles about what’s in season and he’ll also give links to seasonal recipes.   In his spare time Bill writes a blog on Good Food Shops and is keen on promoting the use of Social Networking to SMEs in the Food Industry.


Bill Pearson