star students Feb 2015

Top students recognised – students of the month

star students Feb 2015


Level 2 Bakery Group A – Olivia Mannion

My student of the month is a young lady who has handed her theory work in on time and has even finished the following week’s work before being asked! Her cake decorating skills are improving and she tries really hard to get it right first time. Her ideas are original and she is a pleasure to teach. Well Done Olivia!

Level 2 Bakery Group B – Matthew Loton

A very well organised student whose quality of work is always of a very high standard. A student who also brings a lovely sense of humour to the group.

Level 3 Bakery – Rosie Street

Rosie’s work is always to her highest standard and very consistent. She is a pleasure to teach and helps others to complete their tasks and is always one of the last people out of the practical sessions. Rosie has been a section leader and shown great management skills by always getting her team to complete the relevant tasks in time and to a high standard.


Level 2 Butchery – Thomas Jennings

Thomas has excellent punctuality, with attendance 99%. He is always smiling and cheerful in all his classes. His assignments are handed in on time and of excellent standard. His confidence during practical sessions is beginning to shine through and l am sure his fellow students can see this also. He pushes himself forward in classes and gets on with his work quietly working to an excellent standard.

Food Technology

Level 3 Food Technology – Louise Jackson

Louise has been awarded student of the month this time as she is always enthusiastic, handing work in on time and not afraid to ask for help. She is always conscientious and a pleasure to teach.

star students November 2014

Star students

star students November 2014


Take a look below to see our latest star students – nominated each month by our course managers from the food department. Congratulations to you all!


Level 3 Bakery Student – Elysha Emberson

Elysha is always hard-working and prepared to work that extra bit to complete a task. She always works to her best ability and that is shown in her final product. She is a pleasure to teach and deserved this award for a long time. Above all, Elysha is the perfect role model to her peers.

Andy Dale, Course Manager  


Level 2 Bakery Student Group A  –  Katie Brittleton

I have chosen Katie as the Student of the month due to her positive approach to her work. Katie always approaches her tasks in a mature, well organised and methodical manner. She is prepared to take a lead role in group work, whether practical or theory based and is therefore a good role model within the group.

Dave Read, Course Manager 


Level 2 Bakery Student Group B   –  Mia Ward

I have chosen Mia as student of the month; she  has settled really well into Reaseheath life and is a pleasant and helpful member of my class. She has made our newest student Lisa-Marie very welcome and  has produced some fabulous products  (particularly her witches cauldrons!) Well done Mia!

Sam Copeland, Course Manager 


Level 3 Food Tech & Management Student Year 1  –  Alex Clegg

It has been so difficult to pick an outstanding student from a superb group of outstanding individuals, but Alex Clegg  has demonstrated clear approach to her academic studies, has gone the extra mile in her work and is always willing to support the group and coupled with a 100% attendance. Although Alex receives student of the month, I would like to make mention to how well, each individual is doing in their approach to their studies – please keep it up guys!

Level 3 Food Tech & Management Student Year 2  –  Jen Cavell

Jen has always taken a well-rounded approach to her studies, she is delivering outstanding work in bakery theory and sustainability module, a very well deserved student of the month.

 James Blakemore, Course Manager


Level 2 Butchery Student –  Adam Timmis

I have chosen Adam as student of the month because his time keeping is excellent along with his behaviour in classes.  Adam has also previously been awarded ‘student of the week’.  He is very helpful both to me and his fellow students, along with having excellent work ethic and a willingness to learn new skills and improve prior learning. I can see that his butchery skills and confidence are building every week and would be an asset to any future employer.

 Douglas Ewen, Course Manager