Today I have joined the marketing team as part of my work experience. There were lots of opportunities advertised as part of the Entry level programme. I chose Marketing and had to prepare for an interview. The interview went well although I was nervous.

I was successful and given a chance to work with the Marketing team.

The morning before coming into the office to start my work experience I felt nervous because I wouldn’t know anyone and I might mess up.

I spent 2 hours in the morning thinking of what to wear as I wanted to make a good impression.

When I went into the office I felt small and out of my comfort zone as everyone else seemed to know what to do.

Yippee- I got my own desk

Me working at my desk

I was given different Marketing tasks which were interesting such as:

  • I have spent time researching colleges across the country.
  • I have also created a power point about me, what I like about this college and what there is to do.
  • Another task given to me was to make two posters about the Christmas Festive Foundation day raising money for ‘’North West Cancer Research’’. The posters tell you what we will be doing on Thursday 15th

Me with the Principal.

I have enjoyed everything there is not one thing I have disliked about working in the Marketing department.

The office was busy but calm. I enjoyed research as I learnt lots of stuff I didn’t know.

I liked making the posters because it was fun and interesting. I could use my own ideas and designs. I think they looked really good.

The team was helpful and supportive. My tutor came along to help me which was really good as I was nervous and didn’t think I would make it through the front door.

Me with the Marketing team.

I think my work experience with Marketing has helped me with my confidence and working with other people.

It has helped me understand what Marketing do and the jobs involved.

This might be an option for me in the future.

I would like to gain further knowledge and skills from the team in the future.

Thank you, Sophie