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Can’t believe we’ve already been here a week!

It’s been a hectic week here in Balule for Team Aardvark. So much has been going on and everyone has been getting well and truly stuck in!


Team Peru are are off…equipped with marmalade sandwiches under their hats!

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It’s almost time to go!

As our departure date draws closer Team Africa have been going over the final travel details and hurrying to finish packing!

As another chance to improve our knowledge of South Africa our lecturer Ben put together a pub quiz that involved naming famous South Africans, identifying wildlife by their sounds and general knowledge of South Africa, just to name a few rounds!

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Field course February is just around the corner

Hi I’m Sam – blogger for team Africa!

It’s finally February and that means the Animal Science field courses are just around the corner! Team Africa have been busy getting to know each other with various team building exercises and brushing up on their knowledge of the wildlife (including rhinos) that calls Kruger National Park home.