Hi I’m Sam – blogger for team Africa!

It’s finally February and that means the Animal Science field courses are just around the corner! Team Africa have been busy getting to know each other with various team building exercises and brushing up on their knowledge of the wildlife (including rhinos) that calls Kruger National Park home.

On 18th February we’ll jet off from Heathrow and head for Johannesburg, South Africa where we’ll split into two groups and each spend a week as volunteers at the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre and a week at the Nthaba Camp in Balule game reserve inside of Kruger National Park.

Whilst at Nthaba we’ll get the opportunity to learn how to track animals out in the bush as well as learning the practical bush skills used by rangers. As rhino poaching is such a big issue in this area we’ll also learn how rangers are working to protect these beautiful creatures and what we can do to help.

The week in Nthaba will also include numerous game drives and bush walks so we can understand the huge diversity of wildlife in the area.

At Moholoholo we’ll be undertaking the duties of a volunteer and aid workers with their daily duties of looking after the resident animals in their care. This will include prepping food, cleaning out enclosures and gaining the knowledge and skills needed when it comes to hand rearing and rehabilitating animals.

Overall, it’s set to be a brilliant trip and I look forward to sharing it with you!

A spot of rhino research in the library!