As our departure date draws closer Team Africa have been going over the final travel details and hurrying to finish packing!

As another chance to improve our knowledge of South Africa our lecturer Ben put together a pub quiz that involved naming famous South Africans, identifying wildlife by their sounds and general knowledge of South Africa, just to name a few rounds!

A final decision was made to name the two groups Team Aardvark and Team Buffalo. I’m in Team Aardvark and we’ll be travelling to Balule for the first week of the trip before swapping with Team Buffalo and staying at Moholoholo for the second week. The teams will be reunited for the journey home so we can share stories of our adventures!

This Saturday is departure day and I’m sure I speak for the whole group when I say we’re very excited to see what this trip brings!

Sam Smith, FdSc Animal Management (Behaviour and Welfare)

Team Africa