It’s been a week since Team Africa’s return to the UK and I know I’m not the only one that misses the atmosphere of South Africa.

Team Aardvark worked incredibly hard over the second week of the trip, getting stuck in with all the things Moholoholo had to offer. Things such as cleaning, food preparation, animal encounters, animal releases and so much more (take a look at a few photo highlights below)!

At the beginning of the week the change of scenery from Balule left some people not knowing what to think of Moholoholo as it is a totally different situation to seeing animals out in the wild, but over the course of the week we got to see behind the scenes and really figure out what Moholoholo was all about. For a few students, although they thoroughly enjoyed their time there, it still wasn’t enough to completely win them over, whilst others enjoyed every second of the experience. A few aspects that ranked highly for everyone were the chance to work closely with resident animals, such as Charlie the crow, Choppy the bush pig and Stompy the honey badger.

When it came time to head home it was bittersweet, a few people were ready to head home and see their families yet no one really wanted to leave as we’d all fallen well and truly in love with South Africa. Numerous members of team africa are already planning their return!

Again I think I speak for everyone when I say this trip firmly placed South Africa in our hearts and definitely showed people what they want for their future.

Sam Smith, Team Africa