Student Jsss Collier works on the memorial bed

The Great War remembered

Dave Mason with Horticulture students

Dave Mason with Level 2 Horticulture students

Reaseheath’s longest serving staff member, gardener Dave Mason has installed a commemorative border next to the Reaseheath College flag pole to mark the centenary year of the beginning of World War One. Working with Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture students, Dave firstly sourced and installed local Jurassic sandstone around the edge of the border before laying  a weed suppressing membrane over the raised ground. He then helped the students mark out the message ‘1914 – 1918 THE GREAT WAR’ accurately before planting Pyrethrum in the gaps to form the letters.

Student Jsss Collier works on the memorial bed

Student Jess Collier works on the memorial bed

Said Dave, “it was something which I felt was important for us to commemorate as a way to help teach students of the sacrifices made by the soldiers. Many of whom were their age when they fought and died. It is a long time since we had an example of carpet bedding, which means the border also creates a new teaching facility for the horticulture department.”

The area only takes about half an hour a fortnight to cut and tidy around the letters during the growing season. Dave will continue to maintain the border with the support of students on work duties throughout the academic year.

By James Grundy