new food students September 2014

Reaseheath welcomes new food students!

new food students September 2014


The food department was delighted to welcome our new and continuing students for another year of learning this September!

The new students took part in a variety of fun induction events organised by their course managers and have already settled into college life.

Further Education courses running this year include Level 2 and Level 3 Bakery and Patisserie, Level 2 Butchery and Level 3 Food Technology and Management.

Our Higher Education students are studying FdSc/ BSc Food Manufacturing with Business Management and FdSc Dairy Technology. We are proud to be educating the butchers, bakers and cake decorators as well as food and dairy technologists of the future!

The following poem was written by Sam Copeland, Course Manager Level 2 Bakery and Patisserie during a busy week of induction for our FE students…where did she find the time!!

An ode to Reaseheath food students by Sam Copeland

 From the giggles in the changing rooms

That’s the girls as well as boys

To the delight of opening up a box

And seeing brand new bakery toys!

From the whispers from the nervous ones

To the guffaws from the not so shy!

To the hellos and embraces in the mornings

To getting on the bus to say goodbye

From the macaroon’s and fruit cake

To the vanilla flavoured drink

From the sunshine getting up so early

To cold mornings oh so brisk!

From stocking up the farm shop

And enjoying tasting cakes

To baking whisking making

And eating lunch down by the lake

To the tutors, technicians and support staff

To the students oh so new

‘clean as you go’ Kat tells us

Then problems will be few

To the dairy or the butchery

To the bakery or P2

Wherever you are heading now

We are all here to help you

Enjoy your days at Reaseheath

Go to lessons don’t be late

The time will pass so quick you see

Before you know- you’ll graduate!!



Grant Richards visit to morrisons smaller

Morrisons meat processing plant

Grant Richards visit to morrisons smaller

On the 6th March, I travelled down to a Morrison’s meat processing plant at Spalding, Lincolnshire, with a former butcher – Simon Lynes Hoyland. With many years experience in the meat industry; he was the ideal man to go with. The start to the day was an early one, leaving the house at 5:00am. Having arrived at the processing plant, built in 2006, it was clear to see the mass scale of meat production that happened there. It produces only fresh, British meat and some 40% of Morrison’s meat will be produced at the plant in Spalding. The plant has a base of 700 farmers that supply to them, 100 of these farmers are actually situated in Spalding itself. 

We started with beef production; from slaughter to de-boning and packing, ready for sale. 60 cattle per hour were slaughtered there and it takes 14 minutes for them to have them ready for de-boning and portioning. Next we moved onto pork slaughter; these were done at 400 per hour, visibly it was faster and only took around 5 minutes from slaughter ready for de-boning. From the day it was clear that it was a slick, smooth operation and everyone was extremely well trained and knew exactly what to do.

Although the day was an early start, it gave me a great insight into what goes on at a meat processing plant on a mass scale.  I would like to thank the food department for the opportunity to go and see mass-scale butchery in action. 

Grant Richards, Level 3 Food Technology and Management